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This web section has been created to point out that  there is a great chance that the public is again being mislead by Kaiser self promotion tactics. EKaiserInsurance is the web site for the broker to sell to the public Kaiser Health Insurance and nothing more.  

President Richard Nixon – “We Are Not Criminals”

Enjoy this parody of one of Kaiser’s new animated Flash Thrive ads that has been appearing in Yahoo mailboxes everywhere courtesy of https://www.kaiserthrive.org/ : Refresh the page to replay the animation.

The Kaiser industry self publicity came out with the following:

”     is partnering with www.evisibility.com, a Southern California Internet marketing company, to improve its Internet presence.”PRWEB May 11, 2007  also it goes on to say:
“The site redesign along with specialized Internet marketing services is intended to increase eKaiser insurance’s natural search listings and increase their visibility on the Internet.”

In short – Kaiser has recently been caught doing bad things again and they are trying to change their image.  I don’t know when leopards ever became able to change their spots.

On their opening page it is written:   “Kaiser Permanente is a nonprofit organization with no “shareholders” seeking dividends. Kaiser Permanente is guided by the needs of its members and a desire to provide benefit for the communities in which they operate.”

Maybe for satisfying the IRS to avoid paying taxes like the rest of the country has to they can stretch the truth to say that there are no shareholders.  I believe though that when 50% of the profits  on December 31 of every are transferred over to their exclusive contractor, the Permanente Medical Group which is owned exclusively by the physicians that work inside of the Kaiser Hospitals that there is a shareholder situation going on.  

See Article K at:

Article K is a document that both Kaiser and Permanente go out of their way to hide from the public.  They intentionally try to omit this document from all legal proceedings.  It was obtained as part of the Medical Service Agreement legal papers from Johnson County, Kansas Civil court.

Then there is also The SCPMG Tax Free Retirement Program that is no longer a secret and is on line with supporting documents testifying as to it’s veracity at:

Though both documents were initially created several years ago there is nothing that has changed.

While you are at it you may as well check out the rest of the content at:
https://kaiserpapers.org/businesspractices to see that it really is questionable about their non profit status. rrrr

Check out:

Kaiser’s web site EKaiserInsurance also claims the following:
“The California Office of the Patient Advocate has awarded Kaiser Permanente with its highest performance rating in the state for the past six years. eKaiserInsurance offers the full range of Kaiser Permanente Health Plans.”

They just omit  the part where the Director that awards these little ratings had a company in which Kaiser paid her a lot of money before Governor Schwarzenegger gave her this political position.  See:  https://gov.ca.gov/index.php?/press-release/2553/

In fact, I believe if you the consumer were to look a little further into this office’s background you would find that the last Director came straight from Kaiser.  I bet that could explain their high ratings even though the Federal Government and even DMHC has rendered punishments for numerous life threatening infractions,including their infamous Kidney Transplant program of this past year which resulted in fines of millions of dollars and community service.  Then we could go on to mention their practice of dumping senile, elderly women wearing only their nightgowns and with no undergarments on in the middle of Skid Row in DownTown Los Angeles which resulted in more money being paid in fines and being overseen by a former Federal Attorney to monitor their conduct.

Kaiser concludes in their recent press release that ekaiserinsurance is intended to change the public perception of their numerous recently exposed life endangering misdeeds  –

At the end of the day, there is no substitute for the advice of a professional. Our principals at eKaiserInsurance include cross-trained Certified Financial Planners, Enrolled Tax Agents and Insurance Brokers.

Remember that last quote from them when they take all your personal information and share it with anyone that is willing to pay them money for it.  Especially bill collectors.  See:

Kaiser Foundation Research Institute has large, fully integrated databases, some dating back to 1981, representing all 6.1 million current Kaiser Permanente members in northern and southern California. The Kaiser databases are linked annually to state vital statistics and cancer registry files. Electronic records will be fully implemented in 2006.




and in html form at:https://businesspractices.kaiserpapers.org/terry.html (still in the process of being converted to clean html)
One last thing to remember if you do feel pushed, obligated or have no other choice than to sign on with this program, there are laws in California to protect you.  There are laws at the Federal Level to also protect a portion of the population involved with this corporation.  Unfortunately in California few if any of those laws are ever really enforced so you are not really protected.  At the Federal level about all they can really do is pull a contract.  Do you really think that the Federal Government that does not track in any one place all of Kaiser’s infractions is actually going to pull their contract because of one person or incident?  It simply won’t happen.  Especially when the Federal Contractee is California’s Department of Health Services which works hand in hand with Kaiser.  They all know what side the bread is buttered on.

You are warned.  I hope you have heeded the warning.  I hope that you have researched for yourself so that you know this page is only the truth and nothing more.

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